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Finally plan nutritious and delicious meals that you’re excited to eat, have time to make, and can stick to consistently!


Meal planning isn’t a mythical unicorn that only works for perfectly curated & filtered Instagram feeds.

But somehow, meal planning often feels like rocket science

If you’re already overwhelmed between juggling family and your career/business, and the last thing you want to do is:

Before you toss all your frying pans out the window…
I have a better way.

amanda walker business life health coach

As a wife, mom of two, and an entrepreneur - I used to attempt overcomplicated meal plans and fail, every.single.time.

Introducing the Feel Amazing Meal Planner.

Get ready to shatter everything you believed about meal planning, and welcome in a simple & exciting way to meal plan that brings harmony to your heart and household (and helps you feel amazing in your skin!).
Inside, you’ll discover:
→ A headache-free planning system that nourishes and uplifts you.
→ An easy approach to creating a balanced plate (it’s really not rocket science!)
→ A simple, fill-in weekly meal planner that you’ll actually use.
→A delicious library of my favorite healthy, easy-to-make recipes.

successful weeks =
successful years =
a successful life

Here's how it works

Want a behind-the-scenes peek of the Feel Amazing Meal Planner?

Watch this

What you get with the Meal Planner

+ Step By Step How To Use Video

Included with the planner is a step-by-step video where I walk you through how to maximize all it can do for you.

+ Over 40 Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

I am also throwing in over 40 tried and true recipes that are no fail wins that everybody in your home will love (and won't require 2 hours to prepare.)

+ Auto Populating Grocery List

As part of the Digital Meal Planner, you'll learn how to create a balanced plate and automatically build out your grocery list as you plan your meals.

+ Core 4 Strategy

I will help you eliminate overwhelm and make food easy again by teaching you my Core 4 strategy.

Heya, I'm Amanda Walker

The first thing you need to know about me is this: I am not superwoman.

Women often marvel at how I have enough time everyday to run my business, spend time with my kids, eat a home-cooked meal and prioritize my physical and mental health.

And the simple answer is this: In addition to letting go of the guilt from prioritizing things that make me feel good, I am highly intentional with my time and systems in my life.

It's time to take control of your week - and it starts with intentional action.

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