Feel Amazing Naked

A 10 Minute Morning Routine That Actually Works!

Feel Amazing Naked

A 10 Minute Morning Routine That Actually Works!

Finding an entire 60 minutes in the morning seems impossible right now between late nights, early alarm clocks, kids waking up, a demanding career and everything in between.

You are craving a start to the day that would leave you feeling energized, excited, patient and purposeful and yet all the “how-to” guides and gurus make the thought of starting a morning routine overwhelming and a bit all or nothing.

I am not here for that, either.

A morning routine is about ease, checking in with yourself to see what you NEED and connecting to a calm and intentional state so you can feel that way all day long.

So many morning routines are LONG checklists that have you feeling like you aren’t doing enough.

Not this one.

Creating a morning routine changed my life and I know it can do the same for you.

I’ve put together a powerful 10 minute practice that isn’t about checking boxes. Instead, it’s about using your mind to visualize a powerful day ahead and filling it with intentional thoughts. Then, anchoring in that feeling all.day.long.

About Amanda

Heya, I’m Amanda…a Certified Life and Business Coach and NLP Practitioner. I host a 5-Star rated podcast called, Feel Amazing Naked.

After having kids, I fell deep into mom guilt. As I gave into thoughts like, “If I’m working I can’t be a good mother,” or, “I will never feel like my old self again.” The piece of me that could light up a room got pushed down deeper.

The more I gave into these thoughts, the more I felt confused, stuck, no confidence and further and further from the woman I desired to be in my life.

This is when I realized there must be something more to feeling amazing than looking good, having more money or “stuff.” As I started doing the inner work, I was able to shift my mindset focus my energy on the things that left me feeling amazing – which in the end led to physical manifestations of everything I wanted.

Through it all, I learned the “naked truth” to designing a life that will allow you to feel amazing naked too.
I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to grow as a woman and coach. Those investments have allowed me to go so much further than I ever could have alone.

I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed and empty. I believe every woman is filled with untapped magic and potential. It’s my life’s mission to help you uncover yours.