[Episode 000]

Welcome to the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast

Sometimes I am still in shock that I am doing the work I think I was put on earth to do (besides being a mama) sitting in my guest bedroom, now converted into a home office.

I’ve taken an incredible pivot in my work over the last year and to stay it feels “right” is an understatement.

It’s the work that speaks to my heart, that more women NEED to hear and that is the ultimate freedom so many women need in their relationship with their mind, body, and soul (and food).

Why a podcast?

It only felt natural that I wanted to continue this journey into the root causes for which our relationship with food can be a struggle…as it never truly is about the food.  Thus….the Feel Amazing Naked podcast felt like a next big dive into spreading more support, content and “ah-ha” moments to women who want more for themselves.

In this “birth” episode of the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast I share:

  • The pivotal moment(s) in life that changed my relationship with my body
  • My own personal struggles with food
  • How I began my coaching practice
  • The mission of the F.A.N. Podcast

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Cheers to Feeling Amazing Naked,