Don't quit on your 2021 goals now.

Join my 6-week Strip it Down Intensive and uncover the mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving your true potential.

Did 2020 leave you feeling stuck?

If you are like most women - you started this year with ambitious goals. Goals that yet again got put on the back burner when life happened.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine if you could...

- Knock off a major goal with community support.

- Get to the root cause that's holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

- Step into 2021 with unstoppable confidence that you can achieve anything you desire.

Imagine if - despite it all - 2021 was the year you finally went all in.

Heya, I'm Amanda

Not that many years ago I remember being stuck in deep feelings of shame and doubt.

I was an overwhelmed mom, lacking purpose, feeling stuck in a body I hated and having constant thoughts of:

"Why am I not further along?" and "I should have figured it out by now."

I had the knowledge.  I knew what to do on paper...but couldn't make it happen in real life.

Little did I know, it was my thoughts were keeping me stuck, sneakily pushing me further from the life I wanted.

Finally I realized that by changing my thoughts, I could change my life. I finally learned to feel good in my body. I finally became the multi-six figure business owner I wanted to be. And I finally started feeling present as a mother.

Through it all, I realized how many women were putting their goals on the backburner. And how their deepest desires were being buried under thoughts of, "I can't."


Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive
Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive

The Strip It Down intensive was created to get you unstuck.
(At a time when being "stuck" seems inevitable.)

Your inaction isn't caused by not knowing what to do - it's caused by an underlying belief that what you want isn't possible for you.

Chances are, you know exactly what you need to do. Maybe it's a business initiative you've been putting off - like launching a new project or starting your marketing plan. Or maybe it's more personal - like meal prepping or being more present with your kids. Either way, one thing is for sure, it feels like there is never enough time or money to get it done. But what if there was really something else in the way?

What if identifying self-sabotaging behavior and limiting thought patterns is the key to achieving your goals?

My personal belief is that it's not the lack of resources holding us back in achieving our deepest desires, but that it's actually our thoughts.

During this six-week Intensive, you will...


Uncover the self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back.


Get unshakeable confidence to kick off the new year.


Empower yourself by doing hard things - even when you feel like you can't.

Here's How it Works

Over the course of 6 powerful weeks I am going to share with you the 3 proven tools that have created life-changing results for my clients (and myself too).

We'll get together once a week for 6 live workshops, where I'll alternate between teaching and live coaching.

+ Week 1: I am my thoughts.

Learn how your thoughts are stepping in your way.

+ Week 2: Live Coaching + Q&A

Join me for an open Q&A session and on-the-spot coaching.

+ Week 3: Food is FUEL.

Educate and understand why you aren't seeing results.

+ Week 4: Live Coaching + Q&A

Bring your questions and coaching needs from Week 3's lesson.

+ Week 5: I am proactive in my life.

Get help organizing your week and life with focus.

+ Week 6: Live Coaching + Q&A

One more opportunity for questions and coaching!

And just because I love you...

I'm packing this workshop with bonuses.

+ Lifetime Access to the Workshops and Modules
Rewatch the workshops and live coaching sessions whenever you might need - even if it's after the program has ended.

+ The Feel Amazing Naked Journal
Journaling is my favorite and fastest way to uncover self-sabotaging beliefs. Use this journal to start a daily journal practice.

+ The Grounding Day meal planner
The only meal planner you'll even need - this planner is packed with easy meals my clients swear by.

+ The Feel Amazing Naked Mug
Coffee anyone? Cozy up with your favorite hot drink and remember - you got this.

This is a "no-fluff" transformation with LIVE support from me. During the process, you'll be surrounded by supportive women - women struggling with the same constraints as you and doing it anyways.

Working with me for 1-1 coaching can cost thousands of dollars, but out of a desire to serve more woman, I decided to offer the Strip It Down Intensive for just $497 - or two payments of $297.

We start February 23rd.

Are you in?

Here's what the women I've worked with are saying...

I am a cancer survivor and approximately 2 years ago I was feeling so overwhelmed and out of control in my life.
For a year after my diagnosis and surgery, I went into a “victim” mode and asked the wrong question to myself…WHY ME?
With this program, I was able to go deeper into areas that were moved to the side in my life and unfortunately have created the perfect storm in my life (cancer). I had a very difficult childhood due to various abuses and never dealt with these issues.

This amazing program provided me with confidence, courage, and tools to go after the life I deserved. At first, I wanted to change everything in my life, lose weight, be healthy, meditate, exercise every day, etc…but then I realize that I needed to build a foundation. So, I decided to improve my overall life by 1% every day, by consistently working on my habits and adding new ones to ones that come automatic and easy to me. My life is not perfect but a work in progress. Which every day I get the opportunity to make a difference in my life and others. I still have fears and all my bad habits creep on me, but NOW I have tools to get me back on track.

- Clarita

Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I talked to you the first time and just said “I just feel like there’s something I’m missing...” I had all of my boxes checked. College degree, check. Marathon, check. Successful teaching career, check. Master’s degree with highest honors, check. Great marriage, check. And on and on. But here I was, standing with a list of accolades as long as my arm, paralyzed by the thought of wearing a tank top.
Paralyzed by the thought of showing any part of me that wasn’t a checked box. Because what might happen if someone saw the real me? The me that wasn’t ever really enough unless my boxes were checked and my ducks were perfectly in a row.

The anxiety that came with constantly worrying about what might happen wreaked havoc on every area of my life.

But then the work started. Some of it left me in tears. Often tears of joy, though. Things I told myself I could never do, I did.

I cannot thank you enough for the work we did together, for the tools I now have to keep getting better at this thing called life. I feel like I truly connected with you and that you were first in line to cheer me on.

- Courtney

Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive
Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive

“This is what feeling amazing naked looks life: CONFIDENCE to show up as myself and happily be recognized for my efforts (in my career).

This photo could not have been taken a year ago. Not just because I was 35 pounds heavier, but because I was living behind a mask of hiding under the padding of extra pounds caused by not treating myself well through activity, meal planning and prep, food choices, habits and my mindset.

Thank you Amanda for giving me back my life.”

- Catherine

I get if you are questioning the timing of all of this. Because honestly, starting this program at an inconvenient time is kind of the point.

I created this program, and timed it like I did, because I know that doing hard things - especially when the timing is bad - will give you the unshakeable confidence to lead the life you truly deserve.

After all, it wasn't until I started questioning my self-limiting thoughts and doing the hard things that I was able to step into my full potential as a multi-six figure business owner, a woman who loves her body and a present and loving mother.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Check out some of these FAQs.

This intensive is for you to work through whatever’s is keeping you “stuck”. It’s rarely about what’s not getting done – it’s about the thoughts that are standing the way. 

So whether it’s launching a business initiative, beginning you weight loss journey or tackling things like anxiety and lack of confidence – this workshop is for you. 

The time commitment for this workshop is a minimum of one hour per week, plus whatever you choose to invest in outside of that. In a world where you are doing everything for everyone else, is it really too much to give yourself one hour? 

P.S. All modules are recorded and posted on our membership platform – so you will always have access to watch at your convenience. 

This intensive might be for you, but the benefits reach far beyond your personal achievements. 

When we start living in alignment with our deepest desires, our partners benefit immensely. Better sex, more money and more play are all very possible results from this workshop. 

Amanda Walker_Life Coach_Strip it Down Intensive

If you've made it here, I know your soul is calling you to do something different.

Maybe you have thoughts like:

- Will this work?
- What if I don't have time?
- It will have to wait until next year.

But these are exact thoughts that keep you stuck in a yo-yo life cycle - which means next year when you are reading this, those thoughts will still be holding you back.

There is MORE for you.

I know it, because I was once right where you are too.

It's time to ditch those thoughts. Let me show you how.