In this episode, I share 3 tangible steps you can take to find your niche. Spoiler alert though I am not team “you need a niche now.”  Find out in this episode why I believe you don’t need a niche right out of the gate to be successful. Instead, I share ways to go out and serve so that your niche organically comes to you.

Here’s a quick look at the episode:

A niche is not necessary to provide amazing results. 

A niche is not necessary to make a lot of money. 

  1. Allow your niche to emerge: go out and serve, try coaching a variety of people and in environments to see who fires you up.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Talk to all the people.

I also break down realistic expectations about business growth:amanda walker life business coach

My friend who runs a multi-billion dollar product business once said this to me “It took me 26 years to be an overnight success.”

Approach business for the long haul—take the pressure away from yourself.  What if we took a timeline away from goals?

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