In this episode, I share insight into one of the most frequent struggles I hear from coaches: how do I coach people when I don’t even have it all figured out myself? 

It also sounds like…when I don’t feel ready, or far enough along, or like I don’t know enough. In the episode, I share the origins of coaching confidence, why certifications aren’t the answer to more confidence, and how to actually gain confidence.

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Confidence is a feeling.

Feelings are created from thoughts.

Common thoughts we have:

  • I don’t know enough
  • I don’t feel ready
  • I am not far enough aheadamanda walker life business coach
  • I don’t have it all figured out.

Mistakes we make to overcompensate:

  1. More certifications and education
  2. We wait and take zero action
  3. Don’t practice

So how do we feel confident:

  1. It’s a feeling driven by thinking.  Be mindful of thoughts
  2. Be her now
  3. Take action and strengthen beliefs
  4. Go coach anywhere

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