Time as an Excuse

The TRUTH to making you feel amazing naked is:

to become the QUEEN of your life

The Positives:

Your Shadow Side:

It’s about priority.

You are a go-getter, a woman who is on a mission to do big things in the world.

However, it is at the sacrifice of what YOU actually want in your life.

You work so hard, try to balance work and life but health continues to fall last on the list.

All you crave is a starting point, a place to dive in that will honor your life and dreams but will help you determine the place that will yield the greatest results.

You need guidance to show you that when health is at the top of your to-do list it actually helps you show up in your life even bigger.

I am about to show you how to THRIVE in the messy middle so you can create the space for YOU.

Sounds impossible right?

It isn’t…but it will take a new approach.

An approach that helps you slow down, and relinquish your desire to see overnight results. Truth is my dear, that hasn’t served you up until this point in your life.

The key to your success is merging all the pieces of your life together.

To create lasting success, you must stop compartmentalize your life into pieces and bring it all together in one place.

Time is not stopping you. You are stopping YOU from getting where you want to go because your actions aren’t aligned with your priorities.

What you say you want and what you do, don’t match up.

It’s time to get really honest with yourself and start with SMALL steps toward rearranging your priority list.

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To become the QUEEN of your life

Meet Amanda

My name is Amanda and I’m a health advocate, root cause ninja, truth teller, music lover & frothy coffee addict.

I am so excited you found me and are HERE.  I want to show you that you aren’t broken and that the dream you have for yourself is 100% possible…with a new approach.

I am here to flip the script on the health space, cut out all the shiny objects, and start with inside work that allows the outside changes to fall into place with ease. 

I am a no B.S. kinda girl and will tell you the things you NEED to hear to get the results you want. #sorrynotsorry

This quiz might be just what you need to take action.  The truth is though, you need to go all in to change your mindset and create a true LIFE transformation.

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