In this episode I am sharing the 3 most common mistakes newbie entrepreneurs make and teaching you how to avoid them.   

This is a short and powerful episode for all of you aspiring entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants and service providers.  There is no shortage of information out there to help anyone begin an online business.  After growing mine and helping so many other women grow theirs…I see a common theme of mistakes made.

We have just opened the doors to our first ever F.A.N. Cohort.  Challenge rocked and here is why…

We will be talking about business here more and more because I seek to serve those women too.

Why you decided to go into business:amanda walker business life health coach

  • Your journey impacted us so deeply you want others to feel the same way
  • You have a skill set you want to teach others
  • People share everything with you and you are a really great listener
  • You have a passion
  • You want to serve people

So now that you have decided to go into business, let’s address the 3 most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

  1. Chase shiny objects: over-consume, sign up for every program because they think all the answers are outside them
  2. Do the sexy stuff first: website, fancy social media, logo instead of working on messaging, mindset
  3. Lose focus on your BIG GIANT Why

In this episode, I will break it down for you WHY entrepreneurs make these common mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own business journey.

Catch this week’s episode here:

Let me know if you are new to business and what you thought of today’s episode!  I’d love to hear if you relate to this and what your ah-ha moments were.

amanda walker business life health coach