In this episode, I share the 3 reasons you may not be feeling confident in your life.  Do you constantly doubt yourself, judge yourself against others, struggle to make decisions because you aren’t sure if they are “right”, hesitate to take the next steps in your life, and get stuck in what other people think about you? …Then this episode is for you.  Inside it, I share what confidence really is, why it is important, and how it will help you identify why you aren’t feeling it.

Notice the theme all month long around here…


I hear from women often that they lack confidence.

Let’s define confidence for a moment:  It’s feeling certain about yourself and your decision.  We will be certain when we follow through on ourselves over and over.  This is where the wheels fall off for many.  

We fall off because of life:

  • All or nothing thinking
  • Curve Balls
  • Perfection

I also want to highlight a really important focus on how we were modeled confidence and what we said/heard as a child impacts where we are at now. Examples of this include trauma, high expectations, bullying, etc. 

However…you are 100% in control of changing it despite your past circumstances.

When women become mothers, it is easy to fall into the “mom-doubting” trap because of others’ opinions. amanda walker business life health coach

And as a mother, having confidence is key becuase that is what your children will see.  But why is confidence even important?

Here are the top reasons I could think of:

  1. Less anxious/fear
  2. Quicker decision making
  3. Feel great stepping into a room and being yourself
  4. More content relationships with spouse, kids, and friends
  5. More motivation to continue going
  6. Stronger belief in your authentic self–the essence of Feeling Amazing Naked by the way

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear the 3 reasons you struggle with feeling confident and how you can fix it!

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