In this episode, I share ONE giant mistake coaches make on their journey to feeling more confident in their work.  I also break down the biggest tips I can offer around gaining confidence in who you are as a coach. Coaching is both art and science.  

The fastest way to find your voice as a coach is by coaching. We often tell ourselves, “if I just get one more certification or learn one more tool I will be more confident.” In this episode, I share why this is not true. Clients need to be seen and heard, as well as have boundaries set while still allowing them space for self-discovery.

Big mistake: We think that by changing our circumstances we will feel more confident.

Get more certifications, hire another coach, work with more free peopleamanda walker business life health coach

Coaching is an ART and a science.  The more you do it, you will find your voice, and the more confident you will become.

I break down the top 3 tips on this episode:

  1. Gain experience: when you are starting out coach for FREE to put yourself in diverse coaching situations.  Coach as much as you can to understand who and what excited you and where you can best serve people.
  2. Do the personal work on yourself.  Monitor your own triggers, won on your desire to measure your success and worth based on your client success.  Practice coaching yourself daily.  
  3. Fake it until you become it.  Be her now!  Think about what a successful coach does.  How does she act?  When she speaks, how does she sound?  How does she create rapport with clients? And start doing that now.

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