Now approaching Procrastination Station…..

We’ve all been there, right?  So what is the secret to overcome procrastination?

This week, I sit down with Kristin Swanson who helps thought leaders achieve their “someday when” procrastinated projects with ease. As a breast cancer survivor & Coaches Institute trained Coach, Kristin has learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and stop waiting until “someday” to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that “you only live once,” she has gained perspective, tools and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instills in us. Her clients learn to take consistent action for consistent revenue while broadening their reach and impacting more lives…

One key to overcome procrastination is to have accountability.  Sometimes we are  the  ones  who  hold  ourselves  back  from  achieving  our  goals.


You tell yourself you are going to do it.

Maybe it’s starting a new program.

Hitting the gym.

Starting a big project you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Then, you sit, wait…days go by.

The more time that passes the more your inner dialogue sounds something like this:

“Here you go again, not following through.”

“Now you will never start.”

“You are failing behind.”

“There is so much to do.”

Sound familiar?

As time passes you procrastinate more and more and push the “start” a safe distance way into the future.

Can I tell you a secret?

Underneath that procrastination is usually an emotion called FEAR.

The fear you won’t do it “right” or “well.”

Or the fear you won’t have success or change.

Fear you won’t have all the time you desire.

Fear you won’t show up to do it consistently.

And that fear keeps us STUCK.

Listen in as my amazing guest Kristin Swanson joins me to talk about procrastination and fear.

To join Kristin for future challenges, click here. 


If you are ready to stop procrastinating, get on a call with me so we can talk!

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