Do you know what you want? On a conscious and unconscious level?  Let’s talk brain hacks!

One of the reasons you are listening to the podcast is because you want more.  You desire a result in your life.  Or you might be listening because you want to lose weight or you want to feel better in your body. Or because you want to feel less overwhelmed. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to hear any tip related to business growth.

Today I am focusing on the part of our mind that doesn’t get much focus and understanding because it will open up your eyes to a deeper level of understanding.

The conscious vs. unconscious mind

Picture an iceberg for a minute.  The tip is all we see, but below the water is the vast space and mass of the iceberg.

That is kind of like our minds. What we see is the conscious mind and everything else is the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the critical thinking part. It takes in the data, thinks of the questions, and makes you think.

Underneath that is the unconscious mind which is primarily focused on human behavior.

The unconscious mind does a lot more than what we might realize.brain hacks

Prime directives of the unconscious mind:

  • Where memories are stored and organized
  • Links similar things really quickly
  • Repressed memories with unresolved emotions
  • Runs the body automatically (don’t think to breath)
  • Highly moral—wants to do what is right
  • Needs repetition to install habits
  • Is programmed to continually seek more (this is normal—life long learners, why am I never happy)
  • Takes everything personally (judge someone else it thinks you are judging yourself)
  • Does not process “negatives”- brain doesn’t understand DON’T

This unconscious mind is responsible for mapping our reality.

It points out that each person operates within their own perspective rather than from a place of objectivity. An individual’s map of the world is formed from data received through the senses.

Learning to trust yourself in food, life, and parenting is vital for you to map your reality and have a greater sense of self-awareness.

Check out this week’s episode to find out the 5 brain hacks I suggest for you to get what you want NOW.

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Amanda Walker life coach