So many tools exist to support online service-based business owners.  Truthfully, I would do some things totally different when it comes to investing in specific tools if I were to go back and do it again.  

In this week’s episode, I geek out on the top 5 tools I use in my business every day and why they may serve you as well.

This week, I wanted to give practical tips for business owners, so here you go…

A practical business episode 🙂

5 tools I use every day in my business:

Google DriveGoogle Drive is a great tool to stay organized. It allows you to create and share documents with your team, stay organized and see edits in real-time so you can collaborate.

CanvaCanva is a great design tool. With hundreds of templates, you will be able to create branding, social media, and other business items.  They have affordable plans for you to get the most out of it.amanda walker business life health coach

AcuityAcuity is an online scheduler that allows you to create appointments and designate available hours.  This makes it easy for people to get on your calendar.  It has many integrations available so you can sync your calendar and Zoom account.

Monday.comThis is a project management must!  Monday helps you stay organized with your team, assign tasks, and create efficiency. My team uses this and we can easily see what the next steps are on any project.

SimpleroJust about everything you need is in Simplero.  It can house course content, email lists, create automations, and pre-schedule monthly reminders.

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amanda walker business life health coach