In this episode, I share 6 tips to increase your work-life balance.  I use the word “balance” lightly though because I don’t believe it really exists.  I like to see it more as a rhythm meaning that there is a pattern that ebbs and flows.  However, it is still the greatest struggle I hear from women…they want to feel more ease, flow, and confidence in their home life and their work life. 

A healthy work-life balance will mean different things to us all. It’s not so much about splitting your time 50/50 between work and leisure but making sure you feel fulfilled and content in both areas of your life.

The thing about work-life balance doesn’t mean it ZEROES out, there isn’t a finish line.

I like to think of this as volume knobs- we all have our own preferences on sound and so it is with balance, ebbing and flowing in our lives.

 6 Tips To Create More Work-Life Balanceamanda walker business life health coach

  1. Let go of expectations
  2. Stop indulging in overwhelm/chaos
  3. Get clear on your priorities
  4. Create a Grounding Day
  5. Get comfortable with imperfection
  6. Learn to be present HERE now

Listen to the full episode to hear the breakdown of how all these tips come into play in your life.

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amanda walker business life health coach