Do you start to feel anxious or panic when your belly starts to growl? When hunger strikes are you completely distracted and all you can think about is eating? Do you find yourself watching the clock constantly waiting for the next meal?  In this episode, I will share where this fear of hunger might have originated from and 6 tips to overcome your fear of being hungry.

Where does it come from?

Why do we get anxious when we feel hunger pains?

Society has given us mixed messages over the years….

The dieting life where you aren’t allowed certain foods or were restricted on the time of day you could eatempty plate

Being told the answer was to eat less

Or perhaps, it was the way we were brought up…..

Growing up with scarcity around food

Having to compete with siblings for food

Whatever it might be, the simple truth is that:

The feeling of anxiety comes up because of our thoughts about food.

How can we retrain our thoughts so we don’t have to feel anxiety around hunger?

Here are 6 quick tips to help you:

  1. Remind yourself that food is abundant.
  2. That you can eat whenever you want.
  3. Hunger is neutral and normal—we are supposed to feel it, ghrelins are appetite increasers and leptins are decreasers.
  4. Hunger Is meant to happen for us to listen to.—learn that hunger has varying levels.
  5. Hunger makes us feel uncomfortable at times—we like to avoid it.  Hunger is only temporary.
  6. What would you tell a child if you were feeling hungry?

Join me this week as I break down these tips and practical application on how you can use these tools to help you overcome your own anxiety around hunger.