Not all action is created equal.  Yes, it’s true…some action moves the needle and other types of action keep us right where we are at.  In this episode, I break down the differences between massive and passive action and why you might be stuck in a cycle of passive action and getting nowhere.  While both are needed, this episode will help you gain clarity to move forward towards any results you desire.

So what is the difference between massive and passive action?

Passive:  What you do to prepare for the action

Massive: The actual stuff we have to do to achieve the desired results

Let’s see them in action!  Here are some examples of passive action:

  • Listening to a podcast
  • Reading books
  • Talking about it
  • Meal Planning
  • Showing up at the gym
  • Practicing coaching but not having actual clients

Here are some examples of massive action:

  • Executing a meal plan
  • Lifting actual weights
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Coaching real clients
  • Leaving your job
  • Disciplining your kidsamanda walker business life health coach

Ultimately, you will fail while taking massive action and this is why many of us are afraid to take it.

It feels scary and UNCOMFORTABLE.

We are essentially afraid of the feelings massive action will create:

What will people say?
What if I do it wrong?

The amazing thing is: feelings are temporary.

When we see others having results that we want, it’s because they are taking massive action.

For me, massive action is FULL SPECTRUM living.  Above all, it’s showing up with a willingness to face whatever feelings come up.

And let me clear about something:  WE NEED BOTH; there can be a happy blend of both massive and passive action. However, it’s up to you to decide how you can manage both and create the life you desire.

How have you balanced both in your life?

If you find yourself consistently avoiding massive action in your life, this episode is for you!  Listen in or watch the video below:

amanda walker business life health coach