In this week’s episode, my friend and guest Nicole Montez shares why becoming your own B.F.F. will help you live a brave, fearless, and free life.  Nicole is the founder of theBFFlife®, best-selling author, advocate, and certified coach. She’s obsessed with equipping women to live brave, fearless, and free. 

Her story is so amazing and she’s faced many circumstances in her life that could have left her trapped in fear and sadness.  Most importantly, she has turned the tables and created so much success in her life despite those circumstances. She shares some of her key learnings about being a mom who faced a challenging reality and suffered from deep loss.

This week we talk about some powerful topics, such as:amanda walker business life health coach

  • How she faces motherhood with a daughter who has a fatal illness
  • Why and how loss drives purpose
  • Balancing motherhood and building an empire

Additionally, Nicole opens up about how you can become your own B.F.F through all the adversity that life throws your way.

You will definitely want to listen to this episode. It’s a GEM!

If you prefer, you can watch the episode here:

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amanda walker business life health coach