We just wrapped up an amazing 5 Day All-In Challenge that was full of massive results. 

In an effort to share all the goodness from the challenge with more of our audience, we’ve decided to create a special 5-day BONUS series right here on the podcast. 

Through the course of the 5 days, you will have major Ah-ha moments around what is keeping you merely interested in your goals versus completely committed to them. 

We hope you enjoy the BONUS episodes as much as I loved leading all of these amazing women during the challenge.


Day 1: Getting Clear on What You Want

So many times, we don’t know clearly WHAT we want, just that we want something more.

On Day 1 of the challenge, I really helped women dive in and learn how to clearly identify what they want out of their lives.  Catch today’s episode to learn how you too can identify your wants.

Day 2: Letting Go of Excuses

Excuses are easy to give into. They sometimes rule our lives and prevent us from going all-in on what we want.  Today, we talk about how to let go of those excuses and show up for yourself.

How have you seen excuses hold you back?  Listen in today and share your ah-ha moments about the power of excuses in your own life.

Day 3: Choosing to Believe

The mental game is HUGE when it comes to going all-in on your life.  If you believe you can’t, you won’t.  But if you believe you CAN, you will.

Today we discuss mindset shifts on how you too can start to believe in yourself, your goals, and the steps needed to get there.  We talk a lot about thinking about our thinking and journaling more productive thoughts for our lives.

Day 4: Modeling Success

Does the fear of failure stop you from doing things?

Have you convinced yourself you won’t be successful at certain things?

Today’s episode is all about how to collect evidence in our lives to model the successes we have already experienced. That way, we can learn how to credit ourselves for the little victories and make changes to overcome our fears.

Day 5: Giving Yourself Permission to Go All-In

Sometimes half the battle is giving ourselves permission to do something.  We often hold back, giving a myriad of excuses as to why things won’t work the way we plan. Or why we can’t do something- time, energy, money, etc.

We talk about re-prioritizing ourselves to give ourselves the permission to move forward with confidence on going all-in on what we need!


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