Our own personal experience is often the catalyst to become a coach or consultant.  In today’s episode, I am joined by an amazing client who shares her story and mission all ignited by her journey as a mother.  

Tabatha is an Emotional Wellness + Leadership Coach, fiercely committed to supporting people of all ages with tools to stress less, have a healthy mindset, feel happier on the inside and out, and to live in emotional freedom. After seeing numerous people struggle with stress, burnout, and confidence, she decided to take action. She saw the need for practicing emotional intelligence and having more honest conversations about shifting negative thoughts. Tabatha invests her time in coaching leaders, parents, kids and adults through her Emotional Wellness Program called Thrive in EQ. Tabatha lives in Arizona with her husband and 4 kids.

One of the mottos Tabatha lives by is: “Rock the F word”

The F word meaning….FEELING!

Learning how to use feeling words is a huge part of regulating emotional intelligence. Why is that?

One big reason: feelings drive action.

So, what feelings are you giving fuel to?  How do you regulate your own emotions so you can help your children regulate theirs?amanda walker business life health coach

We outline what emotional intelligence is and is not, shifting emotions and why they’re important, as well as Tabatha’s journey as a client.

Negative thoughts can be a huge trigger for adults and children.  Tabatha helps people overcome those thoughts so they don’t have power over how they want to live and lead in life.

Have you checked in with your children on their emotions this week?

What about with yourself?

As a parent, have you ever had an experience where your child had a hard time regulating their emotions?

Does your child try to be #1 in everything they do?

Has your child starting blowing up with big emotions, leaving you wondering, “who is my child right now?”

Tabatha shares some of her success tips on how to help children open up more to help regulate their own emotions and develop emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately, society has made emotions a taboo subject, but it’s time we make emotions a normal, everyday conversation with our children.

You don’t want to miss this episode if you have ever struggled with emotional intelligence!

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To learn more about Tabatha, check out her website: https://tabathamarden.com/

You can also find her on Instagram @tabmarden

amanda walker business life health coach