My favorite episodes are always with real women sharing real stories.  And this episode brings multiple women to the table to share their journeys.  This is our first ever round table chat where I interview 3 women in the current cohort of our Business Accelerator to hear how they have gone from corporate jobs to running their own service-based business online in less than 6 months AND are making their own money.

I was so excited to record this episode where I talk with 3 amazing ladies who have gone from corporate jobs to service-based businesses, making them successful in less than 6 months.

Truthfully, my clients are blowing my mind. 🤯

They are doing things that make me feel like a proud mama bear for sure.

I invited not ONE but three women to join me on the show in a round table conversation about the amazing success they’ve created for themselves since joining my Business Accelerator only 6 months ago.

amanda walker business life health coachI sit down with 3 amazing women to get their stories:

  • Thia: Less than 6 months ago, she was a traditional classroom teacher. She was fed up with kids slipping through the cracks and families feeling frustrated.  Because of this, she created a unique family coaching business where she helps the students both academically and emotionally.  AND also…the parents.
  • Clarita experienced such a powerful health journey after having a cancer scare that she decided to educate herself.  After that education, she leaned into health coaching.  Even more awesome is through her work in our accelerator, she got crystal clear on what she wants.  That is to serve bilingual (English/Spanish) speaking women to help them up-level their health.  Did I also mention she started her own podcast since being a part of the B.A. program?
  • Jessica….she worked for a Fortune 500 company for years as a top Exec and she has seen first hand the burnout, overwhelm, and frustrations in a very male-dominated career path.  Now, she’s working with her first paying clients who are also Exec women she are ready to step into their POWER.

These women are NOT unicorns.

The difference between them and many of you that have an idea, a calling or a nudge is they decided to HEED the call.

And they are NOT looking back.

They are experiencing what is possible and how amazing it feels to take an idea and turn it into a reality with their own mind and action.

Are you ready to take your idea and build a profitable business, but have no idea where to start?  Our next cohort of the Feel Amazing Naked Business Accelerator starts NOW.  You can apply here:

amanda walker business life health coach