In this episode, my amazing client Holly Haynes shares her success story of what our work together helped her create in 2021.  When Holly and I began our work together, she was sandwiched between two worlds. A highly demanding corporate job and the dream business she was building.  Her heart (and mind) were clearly in one place, while safety and security kept her in the other.  Throughout our time together Holly and I have used various life coaching modalities to help her…

Holly helps female entrepreneurs take back control of their time with proven productivity techniques.

amanda walker business life health coachShe uses systems and structure to create a strategy that scales long term. An industry expert and featured Thrive and author with a 20-year business consulting background with Fortune 500 companies, Holly runs her strategic coaching business, the Crush the Rush Planner company, and hosts the top 100 Crush the Rush podcast while raising her twin daughters with her husband in Columbus, Ohio.

This episode is GOLD as Holly shares her top productivity tips, self-care techniques, and how you can maintain your sanity as you do ALL THE THINGS. 

We discuss how we can change our internal world to change our external circumstances.  Holly shares her journey and how you can take small action steps to help shift your mindset, therefore increasing your productivity.

Holly herself relates to the feeling of overwhelm, not knowing where to start and her passion to help women business owners has led her on this journey to help other women be successful.

What have you done to change your mindset?

When Holly realized she could be vulnerable and move forward in her business without perfection and just show up, that is when she experienced success.  She helps women understand just that so they too can have a sense of freedom.

Her success story inspires me! I was so grateful to hear from her and see what great things she created in 2021.  You won’t want to miss this episode if you too have wondered how to improve productivity.

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amanda walker business life health coach