It isn’t a solution or a result that I advertise.  It is, however, a massive benefit that my clients experience.


It’s all controlled with thoughts.

One thought creates an anxious feeling, which creates doubt, which leads to feelings of insecurity which then keep you SMALL in life.

This week’s client success story is a testament to showing up bigger in life.

She came to me wanting to change her body composition but quickly realized that if she didn’t work on the internal unrest she was experiencing, then an external transformation will never matter if you don’t have the confidence to rock it!

In this episode we dive into:

  • How anxiety has plagued her since she was in high school
  • How a full night’s sleep is something she never realized she would have again
  • Why food was her vessel to a deeper dive into her root cause she wasn’t feeling amazing naked
  • Why my “vortex” music has been a blessing in her life

If you’d like to level up your life and find out how I can help get you there click the link below:




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