What would you say if I could guide you in creating an obsessed fan base?

Does it seem too good to be true?

This week, I sit down with Melissa Cassera to talk about all things fan base.

We cover topics such as:grow your business fan base

  1. Writing binge-worthy content

  2. Creating an obsessed fan base for your business

  3. Batching content

  4. Having more fun by pouring more of YOU into your work

  5. Why we should get obsessed with “failing”


Melissa Cassera is a Professional Screenwriter and Publicity Expert who helps entrepreneurs create obsessed fan bases for their work—leading to more sign-ups, sales and fan mail. When she’s not teaching business owners how to create completely obsessed audiences, Melissa writes scandalous movies for the Lifetime network—while guzzling a million Nespressos. Transform your business into a toe-curling addiction at MelissaCassera.com

As Melissa mentioned, “business is like a science experiment.”  There is no magical step-by-step guide that provides the answers. Business ownership involves testing the waters, seeing what sticks, and trying new things.

And along the way, you will encounter failures. You keep picking yourself up and doing it again. It’s the ONLY way to learn. Not around, but through.

Keep bringing your a-game through all the bumps in the road you will find you come out stronger on the other side. Entrepreneurship is full of failures, but as you work through them, you will come out on the other side successful.

Melissa offers some great pointers in this episode to help you build your obsessed fan base. To get her FREE guide on batching content, click here

Watch the full interview below:

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