[Episode 013] Finding confidence again after a life-changing accident with Lindsay Pinkelman

“You don’t know how strong you are until you HAVE to be.”

Life has a crazy way of bringing people into and out of your lives, and then sometimes back in.

I feel so fortunate to have Lindsay back into my life after we slipped away from each other when we went away to college, got married and started families.

Lindsay has always been grounded; a true leader and a girl of independence and a clear sense of who she is.  I have always admired that about her.

However, all of the things I already valued in her become even more amplified after a tragic accident changed her life.  It was this accident that brought us back together and I have been a cheerleader of her success and amazingly inspired by her ability to “chose happy” every day despite the cards life handed her.

As we chatted via Facebook messenger months ago, it became crystal clear that I needed to use my small platform to share her story.  Her courage, her perspective and her ability to relate to where we are all at humbles me.  It gave me a powerful sense of watch true confidence really is.

I hope each of you listens to her story and hears the same light in her that I do.


In this episode we dive into deeply personal moments and talk about:

-The choice we have every day to be happy

-The drastic necessity to not overlook baby steps

-The battles we each face are what bring us all to common ground

-That confidence is so much more than what we see in the mirror.

To Lindsay…you are one amazing woman who is changing, shaping and inspiring more lives than you ever will know!

You can find Lindsay and her journey on Facebook and on Instagram.

In amazingness,