In this week’s episode, my amazing client talks about what it takes to build a DPC practice.

With a patient load of more than 3,000, this week’s guest felt her patients were constantly waiting for access to her, and knew that things had to change.

After being a physician for nearly 15 years, she began to dream about a small, intimate practice and care for patients the way they deserve to be treated.

She wanted to make medicine personal again placing the doctor-patient relationship at the center of her practice. In this episode find out how she took a HUGE leap of leaving a corporate job to building the exact business she was dreaming about.

As I coach women, I often reflect on my own journey of how I got here, doing this thing I love.

Recently, I started thinking for a second of the chain reaction of events in my own life that led me to the feelings of peace and contentment I a practice

All the “what ifs” came flooding over me…

What if I had never gained all the weight I did during pregnancy?

In my own health journey, what if I never reached out for guidance?

What if I never started working out and coaching at a CrossFit gym?

When thinking about my career, what if I never decided to start helping clients?

What if I never decided to pursue life coaching?

It could go on and on…What if I never…

Point being…

the thing I hated about myself…the weight gain, the body I was in has led to so much more in my own life.

It was the start of making a HUGE impact.

It was the beginning of feeling purpose.

Watching the women, I coach crate a ripple effect.

It was the exact order of things that needed to happen for me to be HERE…on the other side and still reaching for my dreams.

It’s also the thing that brought me to her.

With her heavy patient load of 3,000 she was starting to feel burnt out and overwhelmed, wondering how she could change the medical system for the better.

That is when she took the huge leap to build a DPC practice for her patients.

What exactly is DPC?

DPC or Direct Primary Care is a way for physicians to see a smaller number of patients, but give them the 1:1 attention they deserve while providing a wide range of family care services for one affordable monthly cost.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn about Dr. Tartaglia’s journey to build a DPC practice and step into her best version of herself.

If you’d like to learn more about DPC and its benefits, check out her website at