Millions of women struggle with stress incontinence, pelvic floor weakening, prolapse, diastasis recti (DR), and back/hip pain. What if that didn’t have to be a “normal” part of aging as a woman? 

This week Christina and Jenn of Tighten Your Tinkler join me and we talk about how too many women are stuck in a cycle of embarrassing and painful problems because no one is helping them get to the root cause of these issues. They share 3 powerful tips that you can implement RIGHT now to begin to see changes in your life.

So many women struggle with these issues but don’t have a lot of options to help them because their doctor just tells them, “it’s all part of getting older. That’s totally normal.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With 36 years of combined experience, Christina and Jenn are here to combat the beliefs that many women believe they have to live with such as:

  • Leaking pee
  • Pain
  • Discomfort with sex
  • Pelvic or rectal pressure
  • DR
  • Back and hip tightness

But that’s just not true!

The solution is SO much easier than you might think. And the best part is you don’t need to do any kegels or insert anything into your “nether-regions!”

If you or someone know suffers with pelvic floor weakness, this is a must-listen episode!

Jenn Lormand (Exercise Physiologist) and Christina Walsh (Physical Therapist) love helping other mamas jump for joy without peeing their pants, ditch the back pain, stop prolapse & close their DR.

36 years of combined experience and publishing medical research has taught them a lot.

They have been featured on CBS News, along with multiple podcasts. Something they hear from women all the time is that they accept lots of issues with their bodies as their ‘new normal’ after having kids. So many women believe they just have to live with leaking pee, pain or discomfort with sex, pelvic or rectal pressure, DR, and back or hip tightness.amanda walker business life health coach

After years of clinical experience plus 5 different personal childbirth stories and various recovery issues, Jenn and Christina started Tighten Your Tinkler. Their revolutionary new approach to help all women finally feel better in their bodies again is helping so many women feel their best!

If you struggle with any of these “new normal” body tendencies, be sure to take the 5-minute quiz at the top of their website at  

This quiz will help you connect the dots between a lot of issues that many women are dealing with but that most don’t realize are actually all interconnected.

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