Have you ever been stuck in All-Or-Nothing thinking?

This week I am sharing another amazing woman’s journey to feeling amazing naked in her life. When you’ve been living a life of all-or-nothing thinking it feels almost impossible to find a messy middle.

However, this week’s client success story shares how she found her middle as well as what major tools and words changed her life from the Feel Amazing Naked Program and our coaching.  We also talk about the importance of finding joy in moving your body to build a sustainable relationship with fitness.

If you are anything like this week’s client success story, you have probably found yourself getting stuck in the trap of all-or-nothing.

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So many times, we look at life as pass or fail, instead of embracing the messy middle and staying consistent with the little things to lead to long-term change.

A lot of times, this all-or-nothing thinking also shows up as the scarcity mentality.  This week’s client shares how she overcame her own scarcity thinking to rise above and take those micro-actions to institute real change in her life.

How have you seen this show up in your own life?

Asking yourself WHY is a powerful tool that can help you reign in your habits and behaviors.

Really identifying with your WHY and what you want out of life will help you connect with your own confidence.

My client shares her own experience with this in the episode, so be sure to have a listen!

If you prefer, you can also watch the episode here.

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amanda walker business life health coach