Have you been wondering how you can start a business that will fuel your soul?

Are you worried about the means to do it?

This week’s guest shares her journey into leaving the corporate world and coming full circle back towards her start in the style and fashion world.

As she began to grow her side hustle a few months into Covid, her corporate job let her go. As a result, she started pursuing her dreams sooner than she planned. And if a pandemic wasn’t enough, the breadwinner of her family was now left unemployed.

So she leaned in.  

She is a perfect example of leaning into the discomfort and building a business that fuels your soul.

amanda walker business life health coachKatie is a podcasting, lipstick-loving, hip-hop music fan who is here to make Personal Styling accessible and fun for all women. She is a corporate girl turned female entrepreneur and her purpose is to empower women by helping them identify and define their personal style. When women feel confident in their clothes they live more optimistically, cultivate deeper self-respect, and attract more opportunities.

So, Katie has made it her mission to help women do just that.

The road to starting a business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Katie experienced PLENTY of discomfort along the way.  We highlight that in this episode by discussing how moving through resistance, persevering, and never giving up on what lights you up can help you achieve great things!

Be sure to check out this episode if you are on the fence about jumping into starting your own business that fuels your soul.

You can watch our interview here:

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amanda walker business life health coach