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This week’s guest and I met coaching Crossfit.  She’s been a gift in my life ever since and has reminded me to live with more intention.

I invited her to the show to share her unique story because…well, we all have one, and no matter how big or small…we need to share it LOUD!

Raised solo by a working mom, Andy paid for tuition at Arizona State University with settlement money received from a sexual abuse ruling while working full-time to cover rent and food. Without taking much time to really experience college, she graduated early in 3.5 years with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School and let’s not forget the minor in Interpersonal Communication so she could effectively pretend not to be an introvert.

As an intern at the local ABC affiliate, Andy became a Rocky Mountain Emmy nominee, but soon after traded TV for PR as her first “real” job. About halfway through her first pregnancy, Andy realized that climbing the ladder at a 9-5 wasn’t her dream anymore.

She wandered into online marketing and co-founded Liquis Design when websites were built by hand and social media was just being born.


It rocked everything. First, in a scary way. Then, in a grateful way. Perspective taught her that she wasn’t damaged. This experience grew her self awareness, her ability to love, her patience, her world view, and her faith.

The “old” Andy had grown into something “new,” something better. She believes we all are capable of this, even without a massive traumatic experience to shake us awake.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Andy realized she needed to live more intentional
  • Control and surrender
  • Why sharing your story is HARD but necessary
  • What people think of me is none of YOUR business
  • Why you must let go of your ego to become who you are
  • Why Andy is “new again”
  • What if we all stepped into our gifts
  • How to demonstrate authenticity to our kids

Things we talk about in this episode:

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