[Episode 027]

We all have a part of us that we keep hidden away.  It’s a part we are afraid to share in “real life” because we are fearful of judgment and shame.

It’s the “facade” that surrounds us and I recently really drew attention to it when our resident counselor came into the Feel Amazing Naked program and helped bring more light to it for me.  (You can check her out in Episode 004 of the podcast HERE).

You can feel it in your gut when you aren’t living your truth and façade masks the real truth.  At some point, the weight of the façade will become too heavy to bare and we must be willing to live in alignment both in real life and behind closed doors.

In this episode I dive into:

-Why we have a facade, it holds us back from being our authentic self

-Why ditching the “happy highlights” on social media is imperative to abandoning the facade

-What happens when the pain of staying where you are becomes greater than the pain of deciding to change

-My own personal truths of living in a facade

-Why alignment feels so freakin’ good



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