Is it hard for you to embrace choosing yourself?

Do you feel like you have no story to tell?

My guest this week helps us to understand why unlocking and owning your unique story is so powerful. 

Chantelle Adams is a professional speaker who has delivered over 1,000 speeches — in cities including Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Chantelle hosts an annual event called Shine Live for 150 women entrepreneurs who travel from around the globe to attend. Now she leads women to take their place on the world stage as a Speech Stylist, Intuitive Storytelling Expert and Courage Igniter – a.k.a. she’s all about helping you gain massive clarity from your story and use it to create a powerful message and platform to share it confidently and courageously with the world.

She talks about the power of choosing YOU over and over again to achieve the life you want. Learning how to let judgment go and surrender to what creates so much power for women.choose yourself

The moment you step into making decisions for yourself instead of everyone else, that’s the moment you choose alignment and freedom.

Chantelle outlines the power of storytelling and how to address your own needs by making the choices you need to make for you to live your best life.

Why do you think you don’t choose yourself?

Many women are conditioned to think that choosing themselves is selfish. As mothers, we put everyone else’s needs before our own.

But, here’s the interesting thing:

When we choose ourselves we give others permission to choose themselves too.

And that is what example your children will see. As you give yourself permission to choose what you need, you give your children the same permission.

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