Welcome to “I Choose Myself” May.  The entire month of May is devoted to YOU to help you create space to put your needs and desires first. To kickstart the month, we’ve created a 5 day training series right here on the podcast called “How To Choose Yourself” where we will break through the 5 most common struggles that stop women from choosing themselves.  

{Day 1: Overcoming Guilt}

When you do something for yourself, do you feel guilt?  Do you think others will judge you and think, “must be nice?” 

At some point or another, all of us have felt guilt surrounding our own self-care. Today join me on the podcast as I break down how to overcome that guilt.

{Day 2: Setting Boundaries}

Today’s focus is all around boundaries.  Join me in this powerful episode where I will help you set boundaries without saying NO.

{Day 3: Stop “Shoulding” on Yourself}

In today’s episode I will help you drop the “should” in your life so you can stop “shoulding” all over yourself.

{Day 4: Trust Your Intuition}

Today’s episode highlights the power of your intuition and how you can use it to guide you.

{Day 5: Take Messy Action NOW}

This is the culminating episode of the series where I will give you ideas, inspiration and direction to begin to take messy action to choose yourself…starting now.

Ladies—Choosing yourself is the only way to thrive in the world.

You can watch each day’s episode as it becomes live on my YouTube Channel as well, so be sure to check those out here!

Amanda Walker life coach