How do you get your husband on board with your growth? Does it feel like he is sabotaging the results you are trying to create in your own life?

When you are working on better food choices, does your husband bring home your favorite treats? Does he tell you to stay in that safe cushy job when your soul feels it has no purpose? 

In this week’s episode, I share tips on how to move forward in your own growth and get him on board too.

First, you must remember:

This is your journey…

So get crystal clear on your why. If it is for him—go back and reflect. The impact of your journey won’t be nearly as beneficial if you are doing it for someone else. You need to make sure the journey is for YOU.

Secondly, he doesn’t make you feel anyway—you do.on board with your growth

Thirdly, be aware of your projections—don’t let him dim your light.

Are you projecting your hopes onto him? Hoping that he will change just because you are?

You can’t force that motivation into him and you have to make sure you aren’t relying on his motivation for you to make the change. It comes from within. You can’t do the work for him.

Fourthly, create an open line of communication—let him know your why!

Once you get crystal clear on your WHY and you communicate it to him openly, he will know where you stand and what you are trying to accomplish. Then make sure you…

Model it, don’t nag him into it.

If he is feeling nagged, he won’t want to do the work and get on board with your growth. One way you can help him is to…..

Notice the small changes.  Give him credit for the strides he is making and thank him for his support.

Lastly, Plant seeds—your happiness and purpose bleeds into the relationship. 

If he sees the fire you have and the improvements in your own life, he will want more of it too. The best way to get him on board with your growth is to model it and let your fire show!

For more tips on how to get your husband on board with your growth, check out this week’s episode!