[Episode 019] How to help your picky eater

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Invetiably in my coaching, how to help “picky eaters” comes up.  I tend to attract powerful moms who want MORE out of life…more peace, more health, more alignment and a general leveling up in life.

Picky eaters can be a major TIME suck in life.  These picky eaters aren’t just children but also spouses too.

Picky eaters can be a massively controversial topic.  I want to start by right of the gate saying that what I am about to say is my opinion with my experience as a coach.  

If your child is a picky eater and has other symptoms of sensitivity to sounds, textures, signs of anxiety that there may be more to the picture.  I am no expert here and I highly encourage you to reach out to a certified professional to dive deeper. There is research that suggests a genetic component to food fussiness so use your mom intuition.

Where I come from as a coach, is that I see complete overwhelm in mothers who have become short-order cooks to their picky eaters.  My goal is to help them assess their own behaviors as a parent so they can truly discover the connection between our own behaviors as parents and what happens in our children.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Self-evaluation tools to really eliminate this time-suck in your life
  • Creating more alignment and flow with food in your house!  
  • Why more is “caught than taught”
  • If snacking is ruining mealtime
  • How to create boundaries in the kitchen
  • And MORE

ALSO–if you are not a mom.., or a mom yet, you will find that this info also applies to spouses or naive and nephews too and any family. SO it is worth the listen for anybody who eats:)

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