[Episode 016] How to overcome criticism to become a more confident woman with Andrea Robinson

Taking criticism from other humans is freakin’ hard!  It’s something I am learning how to do as I become older and wiser.

So how do we overcome that noise and embrace the confidence to be ourselves?

I am so excited to have my friend Andrea Robinson on the podcast this week.  After a 15 year career as a local Fox 10 morning show anchor, she decided to leave an extremely successful phase of life and embrace a new one.

Part of being a morning face on a local network is also the criticism that comes alongside it. Throughout her career, she was the victim of harsh words and internet trolls.  I often asked myself, how would I feel if these words were written about me?  How would I combat the natural self-doubt and hurt that undeniably exist?

In this episode, we talk about:

-How to look past criticism and focus on ourselves

-How to stop embracing “hustle” and be more present in life

-Why surrounding yourself with the “right” people is critical to growth

-What she is up to now in life.


You can find Andrea’s You Do You journal HERE.

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