The entrepreneurial journey is one that drives frequent feelings of doubt.  In this week’s episode, I share tangible tips to help you overcome doubt as an entrepreneur (or aspiring one too) so you can not only reach your revenue goals but also create unshakeable confidence.

Questions like, “Am I doing this right?”… “What if they judge me?” …”What if nobody shows up?” are all common thoughts that create feelings of doubt.  Consistent doubt breeds inaction.

Additionally, this consistent doubt causes worry and stress in our lives.

Worry comes from spending time on what might happen.

Where does doubt come from? Most often, it comes from our past experiences and past failures.

It can also come from the stories you tell yourself when you compare yourself to others and their journey.

All this worry and doubt leads to inaction.

You have a fear of not doing it right and your personal problems will also cross over into business, making them business problems as well. 

You might be asking yourself, “but how can I overcome doubt?”amanda walker business life health coach

Here’s how to let it go:

Celebrate micro action steps and wins.  Here is how I do that…

    1. Let go of self-judgment–you tell yourself others will judge you but it’s because you are judging yourself.  You must stop judging yourself to find freedom of doubt.
    2. Hire a coach and invest in a community.  I say invest because there is energetic mutualism.
    3. Rely on data.
    4. Validate yourself first–don’t search for confirmation of right or wrong.
    5. Question your thoughts.
    6. Do it anyway–doubt will exist.  Co-create with it.

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amanda walker business life health coach