[Episode 004]

Why is it that we know how to eat on paper but we can’t stop ourselves sometimes from devouring the entire bag of chocolate chips or making the late night Taco Bell run?

In this episode, I interview my friend, colleague and Nationally certified Counselor Jamie Dana, MC, LPC to tackle this all-too-common struggle!  She runs her own practice, Elevate Counseling, in Peoria, Arizona.

She has been a constant source of support for me and brings her unique insight as a guest expert in my Feel Amazing Naked program.  Her approach to counseling is straightforward, realistic, and supportive, with a touch of humor, in a nonjudgmental environment.  Point blank…she rocks!

You can find her FREE 5-day course to reduce anxiety in your life HERE.

In this podcast we dive into:

-The notion of limiting beliefs and their relationship to food and self-growth

-Why our struggles with food are a result of “learned helplessness”

-What each lobe of our brain is responsible for regulating

-How to overcome “emotional flooding” that you soothe with food

-Why learning under stress isn’t the best time

-Why long-term changes are like melting an ice cube (this analogy is sooo good)

Things I chatted about in the show that you might want:

The Feel Amazing Naked Program: Click here to complete your application for the Feel Amazing Naked Program

You can find the article mentioned on “Learned Helplessness” HERE.

Books mentioned:

Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells

You can connect with Jaime and her Free course to help “Bust through your anxiety” HERE.

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