In this episode, I will teach you a no-fail way to achieve any result you want.  The problem with goal-setting strategies is many rely on you to evaluate your current circumstances.  When we set our goals from our current circumstances…our safety brain gets in the way and we make different decisions than what our future might make. This week, I will walk you through a step-by-step practice to set goals you will inevitably achieve in 2022.

Does the word “Goal” make you want to shrink up, run away or hide?

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?

5 Mistakes I often see in goal setting:

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  1. The goal is unrealistic.
  2. It isn’t measurable.
  3. Current circumstances drive the goal.
  4. We make our goals (and not meeting them mean something)
  5. They aren’t actually something you WANT.

How to set goals from your future self:

Focus on the Good, better, best

Above all, think about your goals from your future self as though you already embody that thing you want.

For example, you can write your goals of everything you see your future self as:

  • 6 figure earner
  • Fit woman
  • Present mom
  • A woman who has a morning routine

Let go of the goal having meaning.

  1. Set the goal
  2. Why does this goal matter?
  3. Where is your level of confidence in achieving this goal? 1-10.
  4. What action do you need to take to achieve this goal?
  5. Identify from most urgent to least, then go do the thing.
  6. What worked? What didn’t?  What do you need to tweak and adjust?

You will move on from the goal the same way if you achieved it or not.

The difference is the data you collect.

Instead of judging—get curious.

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amanda walker business life health coach