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I hear from clients often that I just want to be my 20-year-old body, or I just want to look like when I got married.

When we live in the past…we live out of a place of scarcity, as though it is impossible to have that body back.

There is SO much pressure to get back to that way.  

However, is it really true that you want to go back to that place?

In this week’s episode, I dive into:

  • Questions to ask yourself when the comparison to your “old self comes up”
  • Why you must take your focus away from who you were and shift it to who you want to become.
  • Why priorities shift in different seasons of our life
  • You may never have a body without stretch marks, or cellulite like 20 something self.  But you must also realize all the other good things that you have created in your life since your then.
  • Why aging adds unnecessary pressure
  • To move ahead you must not live in the past.  You must create the girl ahead, the girl you want to be and let go of the old self that no longer serves you.
  • Tools to help you visualize the outcome you desire

Learning to love yourself in all capacities and in all season will bring you happiness.  Identifying the negative voice inside your head that says you are not “enough” right now is where the focal point of your work should be. 

Resources Mentioned:

Self Compassion by Kristin Neff


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