[Episode 011] How to understand your Human Design to improve your health with Jennifer Bronsnick

Human design is a personality tool used to determine how your energy moves throughout the world.  It is determined by using 3 simple pieces of information included birth date, birth time and location of birth.

In this week’s episode, I bring on a special guest, Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW, to help us understand what human design is and how it can improve our health.  Jennifer is passionate about supporting moms to heal from burnout and families to be resilient.

Understanding your Human Design, and that of your partner and children can have a huge impact on the level of fulfillment you feel like a family. This powerful tool allows you to accept the parts of yourself that might have caused you shame because you were comparing yourself to others. Jennifer believes that in understanding your unique energy, through Human Design, you will make wiser decisions towards success while receiving deep compassion for yourself and others.

You can find out your own human design chart here from Jennifer’s site.

In this episode we chat about:

-What Human Design is

– How to use our human design chart as a means to be in better alignment with who you are

-How our human design understanding could positively impact sleep habits

– Using an understanding of Human Desing to avoid and overcome burn-out

– Building our “health” toolbox creates long-term success

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I hope you enjoyed this powerful episode!

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