As spending ramps up during the holiday season, it often brings to the surface our thoughts and feelings about money.  You may not even notice your thoughts about money. 

In this week’s episode, I share my journey with money and how we went from deep in debt to debt-free.  While we did change our behaviors, the part that has allowed us to remain debt-free and experience money in a totally different way was our thinking. I also share 5 practical tips to begin to change your relationship with money too.

Ten years ago when my husband and I were deep in debt, my thoughts centered around:

  • There will never be enough
  • There is no way we will ever get ahead
  • Money is hard

Those thoughts then led me to have specific feelings about money:

  • Worryamanda walker business life health coach
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Frustration

As these thoughts and feelings played together, the action was created, which led to resentment toward each other.  We were living in a place of scarcity.

Then came my big ah-ha moment:

My beliefs about money were creating my reality.

I had so much self-judgment about money…I felt torn because I knew I wanted to make more and also I judged myself for wanting more.

Here is what money does:

  • It creates freedom
  • It adds value
  • It’s necessary to have the things you desire

Your own thoughts about money drive your feelings toward money. In turn, those feelings drive how you interact with money. 

In this episode, I share 5 practical tips that I apply toward my own thoughts about money, and here is an overview for you:

  1. Audit your incoming and outgoing expenses so you know the truth.
  2. Self-assess your own beliefs about money: what do you believe about money?
  3. Belief shift: Money is a tool.  
  4. Dream a bit about how you would use more money in your life
  5. Ask yourself: What do you want your relationship with money to look like?

You can also watch it here:

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