Where does self-worth come from? When you say the words, “I am enough,” where does that come from? In today’s episode, we’re talking about using hypnosis for increased confidence and self-esteem.  

My guest, healing expert Mandy Barbee, shares how to enjoy everything more by resolving root causes in confidence and self-esteem. In this episode, we dive into how simple change and transformation can be, as well as breaking through misunderstandings surrounding what hypnosis really is.

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Mandy Barbee is a transformation/healing expert helping people across five continents and more than 25 countries to overcome anxiety and thrive, by combining the power of imagery with their own innate capabilities. confident woman

She founded Palladium Mind to empower others by sharing the easiest ways to transcend struggle and enjoy everything more. Her superpower is creating root cause resolution of life-long issues in weeks, not years.

My Experience with Hypnotherapy

Before we talk about how hypnotherapy can help you, I wanted to share my own experience with it, because trust me, I was as skeptical as they come. 

I pictured a mass hypnosis session, much like you see on television. And quite frankly, that scared the sh*t out of me. 

What I experienced, though, was the complete opposite of that. What I experienced was intimate, personal, and designed to make me feel totally comfortable, which I did. 

My struggle was with comparison. I want to be my true and authentic self but it’s hard! It’s hard when you’re in the online space where everyone always and only shares their highlight reel to show your real self. 

Mandy helped me to get to the root causes of my issues with comparison and I am taking steps away from that struggle. I do still have more work to do but I am seeing success. 

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Mandy prefers to use the term guided imagery to describe what she does, simply because she likes to use terms that more fully encompass the action taking place. 

Guided imagery is the process of relaxing the critical mind so that you can get a picture of the information you already possess but that you may not be presently conscious of. 

To put it simply, Mandy helps her clients to relax their critical minds and allow their unconscious thoughts to become their conscious thoughts. 

“If you help someone have a way to become aware of what they are currently not aware of, change happens automatically, just through that awareness.”

Why We Miss Our Unconscious Thoughts

There are many ways to access our unconscious thoughts; meditation, guided imagery, prayer, and visualization are all ways to access your quieter brain space. 

So why aren’t we tapping into our own imagery more often? What is this critical mind that Mandy speaks about? And how is it damaging our ability to move forward and create lasting change in our lives?

Critical thinking is what you and I live on every day. 

It’s that overthinking, “brain on overdrive” state that we find it almost impossible to get out of. It creates stress and anxiety for us but we don’t know how to switch gears and move into our own imagery. 

This more relaxed state is also the state where genius is discovered and enabled, where we find answers to our most troubling issues, and where ideas just seem to bubble to the surface. 

This state of self-awareness helps us to stop beating our head against the wall and actually get results, 

How Does Hypnotherapy help with a Lack of Self-Worth?

As I work with women, I see one issue repeated over and over again. It’s the issue of low self-worth. How can we use hypnosis for increased confidence and self-worth?

When I worked with Mandy on my struggle with comparing myself to others, I came away from that with a better understanding of my own worth as a person and as a woman. But it wasn’t because Mandy did something special to make me feel that way. 

On the contrary, that’s not what this is about. 

Hypnotherapy, or guided imagery, takes you to the place in you brain where you already know these things are true. You already possess the knowledge; you just aren’t accessing it. 

Mandy uses the term “right sight” to describe the place we need to be in order to see ourselves as we truly are, without the projections of past experiences and flawed beliefs. It’s not basing your self-worth on decisions you made in the past out of trauma and fear. 

When we see ourselves without the opinions of others clouding our view, without our past clouding our view, our lack of self-worth falls away. 

Hypnotherapy allows you to relax the critical mind and see who you really are so that your beliefs about yourself can change. 

Getting to the Root Cause

Mandy and I have a mutual work relationship in that she has helped me through guided imagery and I have worked with her to be healthier. Mandy originally wanted to be at a certain size for her wedding day, and you all know me, I asked her why. 

When it comes to our struggles with self-worth, it is crucial that we always move past the surface and to the root cause. I’ve shared a million times how losing 50 lbs didn’t make me happy. 

If we don’t address the root cause of our dissatisfaction with our lives, we will never be able to make lasting changes. Changing the surface layers doesn’t change us. 

But we have to dig through all those layers to get to the root. 

Mandy shares with those she helps that they are embarking on a journey. They get to decide how far to go on this journey, but if they are diligent to follow the bread crumbs all the way to the bottom, there is a foundational layer that they will get to.

And only when they reach that foundational layer can real and lasting change occur. 

How to Begin Your Own Journey

If you’ve been listening to this and thinking that you have some work to do, I wanted to be sure to give you some tips to get started, especially if you don’t have a trusted hypnotherapist that you can see right away. 

Mandy wants you to know that it is entirely possible to live a life that is not filled with anxiety. If you have believed the popular message that you should just sit with your anxiety until it passes, Mandy would say that’s a load of sh*t. 

You don’t have to ride the waves of a life where one day you are filled with anxiety and the next day you feel better, but you’re just waiting for it to start all over again. 

What you do have to do is realize that your anxiety is telling you something. 

Mandy offers a free download to help you learn how to access your subconscious so that your transformation can begin. 

If you want to facilitate a conversation with Mandy, please reach out to her for more information on how she can help you. 

There may be many layers of this onion that you have to peel back before you get to all the root causes. If you don’t know where to start, I am here to help.




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