In this episode, I sit down with Mel Abraham.  Mel is the Author of the #1 Bestseller, The Entrepreneur’s Solution: The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom. We talk about how to live a richer lifestyle. After finding a cancerous tumor in his bladder larger than a baseball in June 2019 and successfully conquering it within 18 months, Mel began to openly teach his The Affluence Blueprint™.  His cancer journey spotlighted the immediate and urgent need for entrepreneurs to find “financial liberation” and peace of mind. 

In addition to being a #1 Best-selling author, Mel is a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration. He’s the founder of Thoughtpreneur Academy & Business Breakthrough Academy. This Academy helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world while building the lifestyle that they want.

The Affluence Blueprint is the very process and system he’s used to build his business and more importantly his wealth through business that allowed him to completely shut things down to focus on what’s important.

In this episode, Mel shares how most entrepreneurs are building a financial house of cards and don’t even realize it…and traditional financial advice will not work for them.

He breaks down some practical advice for living a richer lifestyle that you can apply in your own life.

My biggest takeaways from this episode were:amanda walker business life health coach

  • How to take responsibility for our money “symptoms”
  • Why we need to be generous to ourselves and others
  • How living a richer lifestyle can greatly impact you and future generations
  • We all have the right and capacity to be independent

Mel is a committed advocate for the entrepreneurial way.  Because of this, he provides real education to real entrepreneurs for creating a real life! After all, we are placed here to create a legacy beyond acquiring, achieving, and accomplishing. But by connecting at a meaningful level and impacting lives through our businesses, services, and ideals each and every day.

When not speaking, training, mentoring, or just being a little nutty you can find him working out or training in the martial arts. If not, he’ll be creating experiences and memories with his beautiful wife, Stefanie by traveling to exotic places or hanging at the beach where they live.

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amanda walker business life health coach