The old me would have never asked for what I needed and wanted inside.  The me now…will ask.  I spent 48 hours alone in a hotel room and in this episode I share what I did, where my mind was at and the BIG purpose behind it.  I also chat about what’s happening in my own personal life and what’s going on inside our group program, Feel Amazing Naked.

Years ago, I remember standing at a copy machine in the high school I taught at.

I was a new mom and it was just before Mother’s Day.

A fellow teacher was chatting with me about her Mother’s Day plans.

She told me that every Mother’s Day her husband books her an entire weekend away at a hotel by herself as a gift.

She was so excited.

If I am being really honest, I judged a bit: How sad I thought—being away from her kids on Mother’s Day? And how boring to be all alone for 3 days?!?!

Fast forward to NOW…and I get it.amanda walker business life health coach

I get it as a mother…but I also get it as a coach.  I hear from and coach overworked, burnt out women every single week who struggle to create space for themselves.  Not because they don’t desperately want it but because they are afraid to ask for it.

This summer I did.  I asked Justin for time away and do you know what he said: Enjoy!

5 years ago, the guilt and shame I would have created for myself would not have allowed that.  

Now though, I see that the weekend I spent away actually made me a more present, alive, and happy mother and mama.

You can listen to my ah-ha moments about my few days alone this week on the podcast.

I also share all the exciting shifts happening as we prepare for enrollment for the F.A.N. Program in September.

  • We’ve built all new modules
  • A complete workbook to deepen learning
  • Added a meditation library
  • Added an anxiety workshop

The entire program is next level and we can’t wait to start a new cohort of women. You can click here to get on the waitlist to get first dibs.

Curious if you gave yourself permission to spend time alone, what would you do?

amanda walker business life health coach