This is the last podcast episode of 2020, and I wanted to end the year with an enormous thank you.

Thank you for listening with me all year long. 

Thank you for standing up when 2020 might have knocked you down in moments.

Thank you for continuing to work on YOU because when you change—you can change the world.

Thank you for stepping up and not allowing the curveballs of 2020 make you a victim.
If you’re listening ladies – then you made it!! We made it! THAT is something worth celebrating!

Thanks for being part of the magic we are creating.

The best is yet to come!

Sending so much love to you all as we welcome 2021!

I am also walking the talk and taking a break from recording this week to enjoy time with my family.  We are replaying the #1 most downloaded episode of 2020 and one of my faves. This is episode # 66. With Alyssa Olenick aka “Little Lyss” where we debunk diet myths. This will help prime your pump for the New Year  

Stay tuned as the 1st episode of 2021 is FIRE.

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With love and so much gratitude,