In this episode, I talk about what the movie ”The Devil Wears Prada” and YOU might have in common. I dive into the #1 mistake I believe women make in their life each week. Here is a hint…you keep putting everyone else first.  In this episode, I share why this is a problem and how you can begin to shift it.

Have you all seen The Devi Wears Prada?

Quick reframe:

Meryl Streep is Miranda Priestly, a powerful magazine editor and Anne Hathaway is Andrea “Andy” Sachs, a recent college graduate who moves to New York City.  Andy lands the job as Miranda’s co-assistant.  Miranda is known for her connections in the business and uses those to promote her assistants after a year of service.  So, Andy hopes that by taking the low-paying assistant job, she will be able to fast-track her career. 

Andy is constantly bossed around in a demeaning way and truthfully she allows it in hopes her current job will land her a gig in her dream job for The New Yorker.

As Andy’s career ambitions take precedence over everything else, she loses perspective on what’s important in life until it’s nearly too late.

She was resentful.amanda walker business life health coach
Burnt out.

At the end of the movie, she is supposed to go with Miranda but instead says, “I am done” and walks away in another direction, throwing her phone in the pond.

So why am I talking about this today???  Because there are so many learnings inside that movie that translate into your life.

  1. You aren’t walking the walk or talking the talk:  Inside you are clear on your priorities and yet you aren’t living them out.
  2. Have NO time for yourself because you are busy delivering for everyone else.
  3. Career ambitions take precedence over everything else, causing you to lose perspective on what’s important in life until it’s nearly too late.
  4. Constantly striving for more…struggle to be content where you are.
  5. Seek happiness outside yourself.

This story may feel familiar to some of you.  The feeling of being trapped in a prison of your own making! Like every day is Groundhog Day and you “should” be happy in this place.  You have all the things…just like Andy did. And you are going through the motions. 

You want:

Peace of mind
Not to be overdelivering on everyone else and underdelivering on yourself 

So, how do you create more flow and ease in your life? Grounding Day is a great place to start!  Check out this episode to learn more about what Grounding Day is and how it can help create the ease and flow you crave in your life.

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amanda walker business life health coach