In this episode, I share the counterintuitive way to increase your daily energy.   When I was a newbie teacher I struggled with time management in class…I never seemed to get the really juicy stuff that I wanted to convey to my students.  While the suggested answer was “time blocking” it actually never really worked for me.  Many people teach this as a strategy for weekly planning to increase productivity.  Today I share why this is actually leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed.

As a newbie teacher, I struggled with time management in class…I would have all these things I wanted to do and then all of a sudden, the 55 minutes would FLY by and I didn’t get to the important stuff.

My mentor told me to time block the entire hour– to plan each thing minute by minute.

Additionally, most people who teach productivity strategies tell you this: “You have to time block.”  The magical answer to feeling better in your life is to block it out.

While I also LOVE time blocking I want to share something about it that is completely WRONG…about how this strategy is usually talked about.

I see it often taught in this order:

amanda walker business life health coachMake a list
Time block it

This isn’t inherently wrong…it’s a great step-by-step process.

However…what usually happens is we take the items from the list and start finding places to put them without any specific intention.

Here is why it isn’t working for many women:

You time block all the wrong things- everybody else’s stuff.

All the stuff you tell yourself you should be doing and nothing you actually want.

You do all the stuff that is easy, that you are good at.  Consequently, the stuff that challenges you or feels uncomfortable, or is new NEVER gets done.

So what do you do instead?

Schedule YOU first.

It feels counterintuitive, I get it.

You’ve been taught that it’s better to give than to receive.  You don’t want to let people down.

But by putting your needs first, you have more to give to help others.

So, Identify what is a priority to you. Schedule your time first.

Here is what happens when you do:

You feel happy
Your life has joy
More fit/healthy
Clearer- less brain fog
Less resentment
Space to dream and follow them

A year from now if you created the habits and shifted your beliefs, you will be amazed at what you have accomplished!

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