From a very young age, we are driven to either/or decisions. You can be a teacher OR an artist…but never both. You can be a great mom OR a powerful working woman. In this episode, we explore the discussion of what happens in life when you begin to replace OR in your life with AND.

Have you ever been told you can only be one thing?

How did you react?ampersand

Did you immediately believe it?

Were you ready to challenge that thinking?

This week, I talked about the power of the word AND while focusing on how replacing the word OR with AND can unlock great power in your life, just as it has in mine.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can be a good mom OR a successful entrepreneur, but you can’t be both.”

What about, “You can eat the salad OR the pizza, but you can’t have both options.”

Society does a good job of black-and-white thinking, but there is a better way!

Check out this week’s episode to see how the power of AND can change your life!