Do you feel like you are sitting on the bleachers and watching other people do the things in life you want?  Do you feel like you are so afraid of failing you just tell yourself stories and reasons you can’t start? 

I’ve coached hundreds of women and I’ve distilled down ONE very HUGE reason they don’t experience the results they want…and I am sharing it in this episode.  

I used to think that having everything I wanted was not possible.

As a result, limiting beliefs stepped in and I thought, “No, that’s for other people, but not for me.”

I assumed that there were several things that played into others’ successes, and I told myself ALL the stories:

  • It’s just in their DNA
  • They are just naturally more gifted
  • They have more financial resources
  • That’s just their personality
  • They were able to walk into the opportunity

Sound familiar? Have you ever said these same things to yourself?

amanda walker business life health coachSo many women feel the same and we are all just working on it and learning as we go.

Consequently, all the experiences I have had have led me here to help you learn the things I have gained from working on myself.

Above all, feeling amazing in our lives is 100% possible.

The secret to having it all and feeling amazing is just ONE big secret I’ll share now:

You go ALL-IN on your life.

What does this look like?

You no longer accept the status quo and you take control of your life.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and recognizing your awesomeness within will lead you to go all-in on your life and experience what you want.

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amanda walker business life health coach