In this episode, I share a powerful life lesson I’ve taken away from watching the show, Ted Lasso. Yes…I am completely obsessed with the sitcom.  Like binged it all and can’t wait for the next season.  While there are many great “Tedisms” inside the show, one episode left an impact on my mind and heart and now I use it inside my family too.  Listen this week to find out what the lesson is and how it can impact your success in 2022.

If you haven’t seen it, Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, an American football coach who takes a job coaching soccer in England.  While he knows basically nothing about the sport of soccer, his athletes and in addition, pretty much everybody around him starts to see that he knows a whole heck about life.

We binged the episodes.  It’s so rare for us to “binge” any show but I was truly sucked in.

In one episode, in particular, he is coaching his athlete that just made a critical error in a game.  The athlete is struggling with it, sitting in it, and just can’t seem to let it go.

Ted Lasso asks him the question: “Do you want to know the smartest animal in the world?”

He states: “It’s a goldfish.  You wanna know why?

The athlete replied “yes” with confusion.

“It’s got a 10-second memory.  Be a goldfish.”amanda walker business life health coach

Be a Goldfish

This brilliant thought really resonated with me. Most importantly, with my family.  It’s become a bit of a motto around our house.

Above all, the biggest takeaways from learning to be a goldfish:

  1. There is a difference in learning from our mistakes versus dwelling on them
  2. Failure is feedback
  3. The majority of women I coach are stuck in places in their life because they are holding onto what was, consciously and unconsciously
  4. We allow past circumstances to come with us thereby preventing us from creating a future reality
  5. We are so past-focused it sucks up our energy and time—that energy and time could be used towards taking action toward what we want
  6. When you face judgment—be a goldfish

Are you a goldfish? 

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amanda walker business life health coach